An Interview with Margo: AnneeLondon Intern

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Moscow. I have lived there up until I was 15 years old, that is when I started my high school in the US. Where are you going to college? I go to Temple University in Philadelphia. I am currently a junior, majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Media Planning. I am also minoring in Communications Studies. What are some of your interests? I really enjoy cinema, arts, books and fashion. Although I tend to spend more time inside, I really enjoy going to a nice hike once in a while. I love exploring the city where I currently live and just appreciate every precious moment of life. I also believe that volunteering and helping the community in some sort of way is very important, and I am going to get more involved with it. What kind of biking do you do? I am by no means an avid cyclist, I just enjoy taking the bike out and riding around the city. The trail by the Art museum is great, although it does get crowded in the evenings. It is very nice to get together with a few of my friends, ride our bikes and have a great time. What helmet do you wear? It is kind of embarrassing, but I have some very, very old helmet that somebody gave me a few years back. I am sure it is probably expired and I shouldn’t really be using it. I have no idea which brand it is, but that is what I am using until The London helmet is released. Why do you like biking? I like the freedom that bike gives you. You don’t have to rely on the schedule of public transportation and when you reach your destination you can park it pretty much anywhere. Also, biking is a great way to socialize and find people with similar interests as yours. What made you decide to join AnneeLondon team? The actual idea of such innovative product is what inspired me to become a part of the team. This product is such a fresh idea and it makes me very happy, knowing that very soon our team will start helping people all over the world to feel safer on roads. I am excited to learn about marketing and social media to help get the message out about how The Kova is transforming biking forever.

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