Meet The Contest Winners: Kathryn & Anna!

Thank you to the 1,200+ cyclists who participated in the survey. Your input and insights has helped us SOooo incredibly much as we design our awesome collapsible helmet. We are excited to announce our winners: Anna and Kathryn!

Anna, attending Purdue University this fall, has won a copy of Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy by Elly Blue and a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!

What She LOVES about Biking:

"At the age of 13, biking gave me the first source of freedom teenagers so desire. As I grew up, I recognized other attractive aspects of biking, such as its eco-friendliness and exercise. Even after getting my driver's license, I still ask myself before jumping into a car, "Can I bike there?"

Not only I'm a passionate biker, but reckless as well. However, many would agree that helmets represent an ugly side of biking. For example, it annoys me when my helmet hangs from my backpack and punches me with every step, or it gets wet if I leave it outside. At other times I simply hate how it looks on me. I appreciate AnneeLondon's commitment to find solutions to these bothering questions. I'm looking forward to having in my backpack a collapsible helmet, which won't mess up my hair anymore!" -Anna, Michigan (Originally from Russia)

Kathryn "Kit," attending Duke University this fall won the $25 Amazon gift card and a special AnneeLondon sticker to post on some biking gear :)

What She LOVES about Biking:

"I love the feeling I get when biking, with the wind on my face and knowing I can pretty much take myself anywhere. I also love that exhausting feelings after a good bike ride. I really like the intention in the AnneeLondon mission because I think bike safety is so overlooked. Creating a helmet that's convenient and stylish will give people no excuse to put themselves in danger when biking!" -Kathryn, New York

Thanks again to all who contributed their thoughts and experiences. Stay tuned for our next contest for more prizes and swag!

#cycling #bicycle #safety

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