The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Cycling in Urban Areas: Part III

The AnneeLondon team participated in the Women Bike PHL Urban Cycling Riding Basics Class hosted by the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. We are bringing you Part III of our 3-part blog series on the top things you NEED to do as a new urban cyclist. Here are the final 3 must knows for urban cycling –

8) Make safe turns. Be wary of the “right hook”, which occurs when a car cuts off a cyclist, whom is also turning right. To avoid this, look over your shoulder, make eye contact with the driver, and make your intentions clear by using hand signals. To make a safe left turn, utilize the “box turn”. Once safe, cross the intersection and reposition the bike to continue on the new travel route.

9) Utilize the ABCD Quick-Check (Air; Brakes, Bells & Handle-bar; Chain, Cogs & Cranks; and Drop Check). First, make sure you have air in your tires. Secondly, check that your brakes are tightened, your bell is in working order, and that your handlebars are at an appropriate height for you. Next check that your chains and cogs are well-greased. Lastly, load up your bike and drop it to make sure that nothing falls off or sounds loose.

10) Use hand signals. These are important to indicate right turns, left turns, and braking. For a left turn, extend your left arm out or simply point with your left index finger. For a right turn, extend your left out arm and bend at a 90 degree angle with your hand facing up and your palm out. For the right hand turn, you may also point right. To indicate braking, extend your left or right arm down at a 90 degree angle with your hand pointing down and your palm facing backwards.

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