The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Cycling in Urban Areas: Part II

The AnneeLondon team participated in the Women Bike PHL Urban Cycling Riding Basics Class hosted by the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. We are bringing you Part II of our 3-part blog series on the top things you NEED to do as a new urban cyclist. Here are the next 3 must knows for urban cycling:

5) Use bike lanes & consult bike maps. Bike lanes not only increase a cyclist’s sense of their own personal security but they also serve to alert other motorists to their presence. Wider bike lanes also provide the cyclist a buffer from traffic. Remember, pedestrians have the right of way on bike lanes and sidewalks. Another practical idea is to pre-plan your route. Bike maps are available on Google Maps & at many bike stations.

6) Ride where it’s comfortable, safe, and practical. Stay out of drivers’ blind spots. Scan for any road obstructions, such as potholes or construction. Hop off the bike and become a pedestrian if the route ahead appears unsafe for cycling.

7) Be wary of intersections & dooring zones. Slow down when approaching an intersection. Follow traffic regulations and stay vigilant about parked cars. Although it is appropriate to ride on the right side of the roadway, there may be instances (such as construction or dooring zones) that may require you to safely veer left.

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