KOVA Additional Chinstrap

KOVA Additional Chinstrap


Do you wear the same clothes to work out as you do to go to work? Of course not! So why not have a helmet that matches both types of attire? Be sure to order chinstraps in additional colors to match all your moods and styles.


Kova Straps are made in an extremely durable polypropylene fabric and an adjustable side release buckle for sizing. The straps also feature military grade metal snaps for the ultimate level of strength to hold your Kova firmly in place. DISCLAIMER: No refunds on any pre-orders.


COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the pandemic, we have halted all of our research and development of this product. Two of our team members have tested positive for COVID so we are not in operation until further notice. Expect extremely delayed responses to any communications with our team. Thank you and please be safe.

  • Product Details

    INCLUDED: Additional chin straps to match with Kova fabric skins. Color options include black, blue, purple, red and yellow


    SIZES: Follow conventional hat sizes - Small: 21 1/4 inches (54 cm) - 22 inches (56.8 cm) Medium: 22 inches (56.8 cm) - 22 3/4 inches (57.8 cm), Large: 22 3/4 inches (57.8 cm) - 23 1/2 inches (59.7 cm)


    • SAFE: Initial third party testing shows that the Kova exceeds government safety standards and it is currently in the final stages of earning CPSC Certification. The Consumer Product Safety Commission Quality Standards for Bicycle, Skateboard and Rollerblading Helmets for persons age 5 and older.


    • STYLISH: Interchangeable covers and chinstraps. Remove by first removing the chin strap and then unzipper the cover at the rear of the helmet and slide off.


    • CONVENIENT: Not only lightweight and extremely comfortable but the Kova folds down to a third of the size of traditional helmets


    • MADE IN THE USA: U.S. sourced materials and hand made by artisans and local manufacturers in the United States - Built by US military product designers and engineers from Boeing and Lockheed Martin


    • PATENT PENDING: Multi-layered safety system consisting of a hard, yet flexible shell for flexibility combined with impact absorbing safety foam for revolutionary protection


    • Water resistant and Breathable


    • Packable: fold down twice as seen in videos on site. Wrap elastic band inside the hole in fabric cover's rear to hold helmet shut before packing away. 


    • Care: Machine wash cover in cold water and line dry. Spot clean chin straps with soap and warm water. Do not remove or tamper with foam inside shell to ensure optimal safety performance.


    • Material:
      • Helmet: flexible proprietary blended plastic hard shell; Poron branded impact safety foam
      • Cover: Multi-layer mesh specifically designed with small holes for maximum breathability. Provides extra cushion support to the head for increased comfort.
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