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The KOVA patent pending technology uniquely uses a specially designed hard shell plus PORON safety foam to create a dynamic multi-layered safety system to protect you while biking, skateboarding, scootering and rollerblading.

Kova works like a shock absorber (such as in a car) to absorb and slow down the impact. The proprietary blended hard shell and impact foam simultaneously absorb the force and dissipate it, which equals less force felt on any point on the head. Let's say, you are hit by 50 pounds at one point on the head, the shell and foam will spread out the impact all over in much smaller increments so that no one point on the head is taking on all of the force at once.


Kova also holds its safety integrity in elevated hot and cold temperatures as well. Kova is also soft on the head to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to form to varying head shapes and hair styles. 

Learn more about PORON here: Poron is already being used in military, motorcycle and extreme sport applications. This video demonstrates its performance strength compared to other types of impact absorbent materials.


Close to 1 billion people worldwide ride bicycles – 66 million in the U.S. alone.

The number of cyclists is up 30% in the last 5 years and that number continues to grow as cities seek to accommodate riders with bike lanes and bike share programs are springing up in more and more cities from New York City to Paris.

Out of the 1 billion riders, over 70% choose NOT to wear a helmet. This is an alarming statistic considering that simply wearing a helmet could prevent hundreds of thousands of cyclists’ deaths or traumatic brain injuries each year.

Our mission is to make it easy to wear a helmet by giving riders a helmet that’s easy to stow and go. One that looks great and feels ultra comfortable.


The Kova Helmet uses U.S. sourced materials and is hand made by artisans and local manufacturers in the United States with the highest quality standards and craftsmanship. We are committed to making sure that every person who helps build the Kova is paid a fair wage. We are one of the only helmet manufacturers located in America utilizing sustainable production methods. Kova has been meticulously built by a team including, Boeing and Lockheed Martin engineers and US military product designers. 


A few things influenced me to build Annee London and design the KOVA Helmet. Many years ago, my friend, Judy got into a bike crash without a helmet when we were kids. She instantly became permanently blind in one eye from the fall. The doctors told her that if she had been wearing a helmet, she would have likely still had her eyesight. Seeing what happened to her as stuck with me since then. A few years ago, I asked her why she did not wear a helmet and she said it was because she got annoyed with having to carry it around.

A few years ago, I noticed that many people biking around Philly were not wearing helmets, which surprised me. So I asked a few friends about why they did not wear helmets. They all said the same thing that Judy and I talked about years ago - helmets are inconvenient, ugly and bulky. So, I was inspired to create a more packable, convenient helmet to protect and save lives. It is time that people expect more from helmets. I believe that great products should fit into our lives, and Kova does that both literally and figuratively.

Join me in this amazing journey,


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